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    Michael Niss

    Hello folks, I was hoping for some advice on an intermittent issue with my 1991 with 39,000 miles. I believe the car is mostly original, although I have changed the slave cylinder 3-4 years ago. Occasionally when I fully depress the clutch and  release it, it feels like the peddle is “sticky” initially when the pedal starts to come up. This happens when I first drive the car but goes away quickly as I drive it. That is, except for last Friday. This time after I parked the car and tried to depress the clutch and the pedal was stuck in the up position. It would not budge at all. After an hour trying unsuccessfully to get a tow (everyone here is too busy with flood damaged cars), out of frustration I pressed the pedal a couple of times really hard and the pedal freed up. I nursed the car back home. Crawled under the dash and the pedal assembly looks good, plenty of fluid, no obvious leaks, and feels like it is working properly for now. So I am wondering is this hydraulic or perhaps something within the clutch? Help!

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    Michael Niss

    Just a follow up. Changed the clutch master and slave and the clutch seems to be OK. Thanks again for the advice!

    Michael Niss

    Joe and Dave, thanks so much for the advice. I was speaking to a friend (great mechanic but not a Miata guy) who suggested maybe a broken spring or something in the pressure plate hanging things up at times. I was leaning towards the throw out bearing/clutch assembly as Dave mentioned, but if the master cylinder/slave cylinder replacement might solve it, seems worth a shot. Joe, I see you’ve done quite a few of these. Do you have time for another? Thanks again.


    Joe Wall

    I would be looking at the hydraulics first.  your symptoms are not typical, but not unheard of.


    clutch master and slave are not expensive…replace both, bleed once…drive more

    Dave McCaughan

    My guess is throwout bearing or clutch fork assembly. Could be master cylinder, but that usually shows as lack of peddle rather than it getting stuck. Could try slipping the clutch fork boot out and lubing the fork/bearing area with some spray lubricant. But mostly get out and drive that car! (1,300 miles a year is barely enough to keep it healthy)

    My 2 cents.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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