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    It’s time to start talking about MiataCon24. the Nutmeg club will have a larger presence at this year’s event for sure.


    I have been working for several months on getting the NMC discount code…which will be 20%. With the changes in ticketing system the track cannot set up the discount themselves, it is a third party thing. Stay tuned.  LRP did give me a work-around, but it does not allow them to track the individual club usage, so stay tuned but start making plans!! As always, Veterans gate is free, but the car corral and autoX is the same for everyone


    This year there will be 40-45 mile rides on Friday, starting and ending at the track. Mid-morning and mid afternoon.  I already have two laid out, and a third is coming. I will be looking for Clubmembers to own those rides and take others out. Volunteers can comment here. Each route so far is about 1-1/2 hrs on some really nice local scenic and twisty bits.


    Patty will be looking for people to man the NMC table on Friday and Saturday.  2 hr shifts.  Be there to answer questions about the club and handle some giveaways.


    Both days there will be autoX sessions…Friday will be shorter and less $$$ 1hr45minute sessions all day.  Saturday will be the regular 4hr sessions at higher cost. The track will be looking for people to help guide folks to the right place at the right time. Volunteers needed.


    All day Saturday there will be the Car corral in the B paddock, with the parade laps on the big track during the lunch break.

    and don’t forget, the big track will be all Miatas all day both days, so plenty of action all around.

    and there will be camping available, just like last year. My camper will be open to all to visit all weekend and be kinda like NMC central.


    Stay tuned for further updates and make plans to spend the weekend in Miata wonderland!!

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    I plan to be there both days, I’ll want to get some autocross laps in considering I have to miss the club day, but other than that I’m happy to do whatever.

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