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    Two years ago I spoke to Bill Liebow about winter driving in the Miata. He assured me it was not a big deal with a good weight distribution, as the Miata has. So, I bought some wheels and tires (Michelin X-Ice) to give it a try. Well, the winter of 2019-20 did not produce many opportunities to test the tires. But this winter gave me a better chance to test the snow driving. I had to go to the Post Office and gas up the beast too. Both the gas station and post office had snow banks to get through, so I was able to blast through both. The result?  See my attached photo.Snow in Grill - Merchant

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    Sounds like fun! If it’s solid enough carve some teeth to go with the smile 😁

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    I spray “Fluid Film” liberally on the undercarriage before the winters. It made dropping my diff and installing coilovers after 150,000 miles easy because my fasteners were all rust free.

    I will drive the Miata on dry days with the top down if it’s above 30 deg., I’m driving my current car on all seasons (something I normally wouldn’t do, but that’s what it was wearing when I got it), but I’m avoiding the snow. I drove it to work today, top up. I’ll be driving it home, top down.

    I drove my NB with X-ice snows all around for two years with no issues (no deep over the bumper stuff like that, though). I was actually outperforming all season equipped Rav 4s!

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    been winter driving a Miata for about 14 years…4 snow tires and a 60lb steel bar in the trunk and the Miata is a snow plow…will go just about anywhere…and you all know how the hills are around my place

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    Fluid Film is the NYC Bum Piss smelling stuff!  But it works!  Think about it next time.  Think underground in the Subways… Lol!


    I do the fluid film as well , and try not to drive in wet snow, or salted water from the snow melt.  But if it’s been freezing out and cold, and just road salt about, I’m fine with driving as it is less likely to stick and do damage without the moisture.


    It looks though after this latest dumping, it will be a couple off weeks before she comes back out…. ;-(

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