Miata Specialist/Mechanic in and around Hartford Area?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am on the hunt for someone to preform minor work/maintenance on my NB. I just bought some Redline gear oil for the 6-Speed–I’m hoping to improve shift feel–and would like to swap in the new juice. I have been a little tempted to do it myself, but I’m not the biggest fan of getting underneath a car (even if it is a ‘lightweight’). If any one knows of a good person/garage to go to for this and who may be able to answer other questions I have down the road, it would be much appreciated.



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    This is something that even the novice can accomplish…the trick on the 6sp is to remove the correct drain bolt…driver side only!!…the one on the passenger side is NOT the drain plug…that will screw you up big time.. drop me a PM…I am in Waterbury and do this stuff on NA and NB Miatas all the time…routine maint..suspension..brakes..etc.

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