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    At ten minutes to five near the end of the fun laps at the autocross today my 2002 nb apparently would take no more thrashing and died.  And if it wasn’t for the selfless help and generosity of the remaining club members I would never have been able to drive that car home.  What an amazing group of people you all are.

    I thought because the car had almost stalled a couple times that the cam position sensor was failing, which has happened before and is a know fail point on nbs. But this time all the electrics were dead, completely.  Joe noticed the main 100 Amp fuse looked fried.  I had a spare main relay but not that fuse unfortunately.   Joe and Lance tried to find one in the paddock among the spec miata crowd but no luck, most had left already.  Dave drove all the way to New Milford and checked few parts stores eventually finding the correct fuse.  Meanwhile the Lime Rock gate lady was getting anxious and telling us to get out fast because the gate was gonna close soon.  Dave’s eta with fuse wasn’t going to cut it so the gentleman with the gray ND hooked up some straps and towed me out past the gate where we all waited for Dave and the fuse.  While putting that in more troubleshooting and someone noticed a burn mark on the battery post cover after it still had no electric even with the new fuse in.  A jump start and voila! It was running again.  Turns out the battery clamp down rod had touched the positive post and that wasn’t good, which explains I guess in retrospect why it the stuttering happened a couple times when I got the car quite sideways and caused the battery to slide a little.   Lesson learned: wrap that clamp down with some rubber or something.  And carry a spare fuse.

    The drive home was exciting too.  I waited as long as could but eventually had to turn on the lights.  Unfortunately when I did it was at speed on the Taconic while passing a group of cars and the Nb promptly died just after I got past them.  A sketchy bit of getting through those cars to the grass and stopping just before the grass ended at a pile of rocks and guardrail and no shoulder at all.   My wife was ten minute’s behind and was able to get me jump started again.  The rest of the ride home was a nervy bit of driving a dark unlit car in the dark behind her blinding flashing hazards.  But we brought it home!

    And wouldn’t have happened without all the help I got.  This is a great club with great people.  And today was a great event and a great day!

    Thank you all so very much!

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    We are a family of Miata drivers!  Club members = extended family.  If was our pleasure to help in a way we could.  The other Great ND who towed you, was Robert Meaney the Fastest time of the Day (FTD).

    I would recommend you also check the the voltage at the the battery while the car is running.  If voltage is below 12.5 while engine running consider the alternator suspect also.   definitely if below 12.0V.  check AlL other fuses in car!!!  JIC since the batt positive to ground can short out many things.


    See you at the poker run!




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    That’s great advice Lance, thanks man!

    And that would explain why I got such a smooth tow out to the gate, that Rob is one smooth driver!

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