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    Victor He

    Hey how’s it going guys. My name’s Victor. I’m from NYC. Didn’t own a car until 2019 and now I’m already up to two miatas so I guess I caught the bug.

    I love miatas for their ease to work on (did first timing belt + etc last year), intend on improving my driving skills (signed up for some autocross), and generally find miata people to be pretty friendly.

    Looking forwards to joining you guys on some events soon/checking out some local roads!

    Pic of my two little guys attached

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    Dave McCaughan

    Great story bro, can’t wait to get you out here in the country and rip some back roads. I too love the NA, it’s a car, with a motor, seats, and a steering wheel. Which ever you choose, we’ll hopefully see you sometime soon, for an event with the club. Hopefully we can enjoy some revs above 4k, all the way to fuel cut!

    Victor He

    I got the nb1 first last year and its the car I learned stick on so I’m a bit fond of it. I’m owner number 7 so its been through some stuff but it keeps on going. The thing is amazing to drive.

    I did feel like I had to get an NA so I got the 97M. I love brg but didn’t want a nb or a 1.6 so this was like the perfect fit. The tan on green is just so good. Less then 50k original miles.

    If I’m crazy enough to keep both long term the 97m would be my fair weather weekend cruiser w my wife. And the nb will be my track warrior. I gotta say I have a soft spot for both but if I had to say one its the NA. That nb rips though, I don’t know if the exhaust is stock but it sounds amazing when you break 4k rpm



    Dave McCaughan

    Welcome! Love that ’97M. NB2? Do you have a favorite? How do you choose which one to take out?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums General Interest Welcome To The Club! Miata fanatic from nyc

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