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    Joe Wall

    Well folks, it’s time to start thinking about the autoX at LRP…already.  Last year we were able to pull off the event despite COVID restrictions. We will still be subject to restrictions this year, whatever they may be at the time of the event. That is a big unknown right now so we just make our plans and adjust as necessary.
    Last year’s event was immensely popular, and filled up very quickly. Mark your calendars:

    This year’s date is July 10th

    The cost this year is $160 for club-members

    $175 for non-members, if club members don’t fill it. The day is limited to 40 drivers. Please note that this is the first cost increase for this event in 4 years. LRP has raised their price, and with things the way they are, we had to bring in lunch from outside instead of cooking onsite from my camper.

    So, let’s start off with…what is the Open AutoX?
    A full day of getting to know your car,  under controlled conditions… and finding YOUR limits as well.
    Like previous years, this full-day event…9am-5pm. on the LRP kart track will consist of:
    Practice sessions on the upper course
    practice sessions on the lower course
    3 solo timed laps (to qualify for the Shootout)
    And finally “fun runs” on the combined upper/lower course
    In addition, a driving-instructor will be on-hand, lunch will be provided and trophies will be presented. By the end of the day you’ll have much more seat-time than a typical parking lot autox event!

    Spectators are welcome to attend… SUBJECT TO RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE AT THE TIME… there is no cost to come and watch… you might even score a ride with one of the entrants or an instructor to get an idea of what this is all about. Again, subject to restrictions set by Lime Rock and the state, not the club. If a spectator would care to join in the lunch, we will ask for a donation to cover the cost of lunch and let us know a few days ahead. Everything related to non-drivers is subject to change at any time. Watch this thread and or the forums for updates as the time approaches.

    We’re offering slots to Nutmeg Miata Club members EXCLUSIVELY from February 17 to March 31. Club members may pay for one spot each. If Club members don’t fill the event
    we open it up to other Miata drivers on April 1st, and then if any  slots are left to other types of cars. We will start a waiting list as soon as it fills, which came in handy last year. But there are no guarantees.

    This is a rain or shine event…NO REFUNDS!!…if you have to cancel, YOU will be responsible for making arrangements to sell your spot.  This will make things much easier on Bob and the Club.  We can help with names off the waiting list, but ultimately, it will be up to you, the individual to get things sorted out.
    Warning- Last Year This Event Sold Out As Soon as we opened it up to non-members so if you are interested get your payment in before the end of March.

    You can make payment several ways…

    send a check to

    Nutmeg Miata Club
    c/o Bob Barron
    165 Rossi Dr.
    Bristol, CT 06010

    Also PayPal payments

    We will also take cash in person, but this is not the preferred method. Paypal is the fastest way to make sure your spot is secured.  Check has to clear before your name added to list, so there would be a slight delay. Cash payment will be relayed to Bob, but has to get to a computer to add your name.

    Watch this thread for any additional information as we go forward…and there WILL be additional information…this is just a little something to get us started and the signups started.

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    Levi Reyes

    Thanks Dave, great photos!

    Dave McCaughan

    I know I’m a little late to the party with these, but I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to use any picture of you for whatever reason you would like, I’m not worried about copyright on any of this stuff. I’m not sure I got everyone, I know I missed you Scott, sorry. I only shot during the timed runs and I may have missed a couple more. And I figured Quinn had enough pictures of himself driving his car 😉 And yes they look JUST like last year’s, not very creative, I know.


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    Pete DelMastro

    if  you give a nerd some data … he’ll make you a graph! 🙂

    Graph below shows the distribution of the results, binned into 0.25s groups (which tries to account for the reaction time on the stop-watch) … best lap-times along the bottom, from fastest to slowest; height of the bar tells how many people scored in each group.

    If your time was 19.5s or faster, you were in the top-20%.

    If your time was 20.5s or faster, you were in the top-50%

    The top half of the times were within just 2s –> competitive group!


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    Joe Wall

    Well folks…no more hiding…Dave posted the complete list of times!!!

    Dave McCaughan

    Here’s the posted times for the club:

    Levi Reyes

    +1 Thank you for sharing those pictures.

    Check “donations “ will be in the mail!

    Lance Lazzara

    Thanks Robin for the link to your friends’ Shutterfly site with plenty of great photos!

    More to relive the memory!

    Robin Denny

    Hello folks!

    Savage Frieze, my friend who I asked to come and do some photography for the day, has gone through his 2,000+ pictures and put them up on shutterfly.

    He does not have a set price for his work, but asks for a donation if you download some pics.

    His mailing address is Savage Frieze, PO Box 696, Norfolk, CT 06058

    The shutterfly address to get to the pictures-

    Any questions send me an email at

    Keep Zoomin!

    Robin Denny

    Robin Denny

    Good morning folks!!


    My friend Savage Frieze who was the photographer at the Autocross has his pictures up on Shutterfly for viewing and purchasing.

    When I asked him to help out he said he would, but that he would have to be there for a short time since he still had to write his sermon for the next day. (He is a Congregational Minister). He stayed much longer than he planned. I have yet to listen to his sermon to see if Miatas were involved!

    He said he will not set a price for purchasing the pictures, but for folks to consider what something similiar to this work would cost, and make a donation to him. Savage cannot accept payment via Shutterfly, so it need to be made personally to him. His address is Savage Frieze, PO Box 696, Norfolk CT. 06058

    Any questions send me an email at


    Keep Zoomin’ !!


    Robin Denny


    Levi Reyes

    Slo-Mo Drift video from The Slip Angle…

    Levi Reyes

    Can someone please share the link on the pictures?  Videos?

    Thank you!

    Pete DelMastro

    Yes, thanks again to everyone who pitched in to make another great autox event!

    I really like the refreshed course! The new asphalt is grippy –> faster than prior years. The new connections to the skid pad gives additional & longer configurations to run too!

    Levi Reyes

    The LRP Auto-x or shall we say LRP mini-track day was lots of fun.

    Thanks Joe for organizing this event.  Sorry to have learned about your love one passing away and MIA at the start.  Nevertheless,  thank you to Dave, Robin, Keith, Scott, Bruce, Sandy and Ryan who made this event possible.

    Also want to congratulate our fastest auto-x winners for each categories.  Everyone who participated the auto-x are all winners!

    Thank you All!!

    Good seeing you and Looking forward to the next event event.

    Joe Wall

    Just wanted to chime in…


    thank you to Dave, Robin, Keith, Scott, Bruce, Sandy and Ryan for making today a great day for all in attendance. Difficult family matters prevented me from taking care of the things i usually do during the week prior to this event.  Those folks really stepped up to the plate this week and today to make things happen…and I thank you all.

    I was able to make it up to LRP about mid-day and i could see that things were going smoothly and everyone was enjoying themselves…which is the whole point!!

    And stay tuned for some video stuff from our friends at the Slip Angle with featured club cars

    Lance Lazzara

    Thanks to all who made today a special day!  Thank God the weather held out as well.

    It was good meeting new faces and seeing old friends as well!


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