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    Joe Wall

    the NMC Leef Peeping ride will start at Modern Motors in Thomaston.  We have not started a ride there in a while and the GM was really happy to hear this.
    Gather from 9:30-10am on Saturday October 16. Please arrive with a FULL tank.

    We will be going out in 3 groups with at least 15 minutes between groups. Reason for this is the rest stops and the scenic stop.  Just cannot have everyone showing up all at the same time

    First group will head out at 10:15

    We will be touring the very scenic northwest corner of CT.  A combination of numbered roads and some back road twisties.  More of a cruise that all will enjoy.  We will be covering about 120 miles with 3 planned stops followed by lunch in Litchfield. Figure at least 3 1/2 hours on the road followed by lunch in Litchfield

    If you signed up, PLEASE show up!  this ride is limited to 30 cars and there are folks (newer members) that wanted to get in that didn’t.  If you can’t make it, please cancel your spot early so others can join in.

    I will be leading one group going out first. Mike Lamb has ridden the route two times with me so he will be leading a second group.  I still need one more person to step up and take the third group.  two people in the car preferred.  the route instructions are VERY simple and straightforward.


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    Joe Wall

    Glad that you enjoyed the ride…it seemed that everyone I talked to had a good time.  Good route…good weather…good food at the end.


    thank you all for coming out!!

    Levi Reyes

    Thank you to Joe, Robin, Mike, Linn, Lance, et al., for making the long ride short!  I truly enjoyed the route as much as the company and enjoyed pushing through the curvy back country roads.

    I love to share a few photos which I have taken before the ride.

    Robin, Joe


    I  hope to see you all again next time!


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    Robert LeClerc

    Great run today everyone, I can’t wait until the next one. There’s nothing quite like a ride through the country with a group of Miatas on a nice day!

    Lance Lazzara

    Peep-tacular day!  With good peepz, good leap peeping, and some freshly paved roads courtesy of Mr. Joe Wall and the local townships!…lol!


    Great seeing you all.  See some of you tomorrow at the Mansion car meet.


    Joe Wall

    Looks like there is still one spot open…

    Joe Wall

    I just looked at the signup list…it has dropped to 28 cars.  So it looks like there are a couple spots up for grabs

    Lance Lazzara

    Nice Video Dave!  See you all Saturday!

    Abby Wurtmann

    Way to go Dave! Great video.  Your editing skills are epic.

    Dave McCaughan

    I’ll just leave this here, fun little preview of Saturday’s ride:


    Joe Wall

    OK…here’s an update.


    Dave..Mark and I ran the complete route today…3 cars…120 miles.  It took us 3 1/2 hours to get to the endpoint, where we enjoyed a nice meal. Confidence check for myself and the route instructions…and a good timeline check.


    this is a NICE ride…good combination of roads that everyone will enjoy and very scenic.


    Looking forward to seeing everyone saturday morning at Modern Motors…don’t be late!!

    Joe Wall

    Just a heads up…this ride is rain or shine.  WEather is a little iffy for saturday afternoon…but I will be watching closely



    Joe Wall

    Looks like it…keep watching.  Maybe someone else will have a conflict and open a spot


    BTW…I have your nametags

    Abby Wurtmann

    I’m guessing someone was quicker than us as the sign up appears to be closed?

    Joe Wall

    Well…someone read the above and has already bowed out for next weekend…so there is ONE space available as of 4:30 sunday afternoon


    Someone needs to grab it

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