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    Hi all, just joined up and looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Joe Sportello

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    Welcome to the club Joe! Look forward to meeting you as well. Let us know a little about yourself and if you have any history with Miatas, or a first purchase.


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    Bought my Miata as a Christmas present to myself for 2018, so I have had it about 18 months. Would like to learn how to do some of my own work on it mechanically. It needed a new top when i got it so after ordering same helped the shop with the install. Have been doing a lot of clean up on the body. Would like to learn my way around the mechanicals.

    Like to travel and drive.

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    Welcome to the Club…just what we need…another Joe with a Miata…lol!!


    Monthly meeting on sunday…autoX on saturday at LRP…info in this forum…which is usually the best place to get up to the minute…or last minute…information


    Joe Wall

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    Welcome Joe. I may go to the Lime Rock Autocross event as a spectator tomorrow. If you show up, you’ll meet a lot of club members. It’s also great fun to watch (more fun to drive, though).

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