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    Joe Wall

    last year’s event proved to be immensely popular, and filled up early.

    So, lets start off with…what is the Open AutoX?
    A full day of getting to know your car,  under controlled conditions…and finding YOUR limits as well.

    Like previous years, this full-day event…9am-5pm.. on the LRP kart track will be consist of:

    Practice sessions on the upper course
    practice sessions on the lower course
    3 solo timed laps (to qualify for the Shootout)
    And finally “fun runs” on the combined upper/lower course
    In addition, a driving-instructor will be on-hand, lunch will be provided and trophies will be presented. By the end of the day you’ll have much more seat-time than a typical parking lot autox event!

    The cost is $150 for club-members ($160 for non-members); limited to 40 drivers.(Cost is the same as last year.)


    SPECTATORS WELCOME TO ATTEND…there is no cost to come and watch….you might even score a ride with one of the entrants or an instructor to get an idea of what this is all about.  If a spectator would care to join in the lunch, we will ask for a donation to cover the cost of lunch…TBD as the event time approaches…in cash at the time of the event.

    We’re offering slots to Nutmeg Miata Club members EXCLUSIVELY during the month of February…that’s right…ONLY NMC members with paid up membership can sign up from Feb 1-29.
    Starting March 1st we open it up to other Miata drivers and then if any  slots are left to other types of cars. After that, we will start a waiting list, which came in handy last year due to last minute family emergencies.


    This is a rain or shine event…NO REFUNDS!!…if you have to cancel, YOU will be responsible for making arrangements to sell your spot.  This will make things much easier on Bob and the Club.  We can help with names off the waiting list, but ultimately, it will be up to you, the individual to get things sorted out.

    Warning Last Year This Event Sold Out As Soon as we opened it up to non-members so if you are interested get your payment in before the end of the month.



    You can make payment several ways…send a check to


    Nutmeg Miata Club
    c/o Bob Barron
    165 Rossi Dr.
    Bristol, CT 06010

    Also PayPal payments

    MUST be Friends / Family.  PLEASE.


    We will also take cash…in person…but this is not the preferred method. Paypal is the fastest way to make sure your spot is secured.  Check has to clear before your name added to list, so there would be a slight delay.  Cash payment has to wait until Bob gets to a computer to add your name.


    Watch this thread for any additional information as we go forward…and there WILL be additional information…this is just a little something to get us started and the early signups started, as announced at the planning meeting.



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    Joe Wall

    Well folks…things are looking up…I just found this note from Bob in my email this morning.  Not bad at this point of the EXCLUSIVE TO REGISTERED NMC members…Reminder…That exclusive signup period expires Feb 29.  Limited to 40 spots.


    Good Morning ALL

    As of this point in time NMC has 19 members confirmed and signed for Auto X

    NMC also has 2 Non members on the waiting list who will pay the additional $10 for non members before March 1st so they can be added ON March 1st.

    All totaled there are 21 drivers already, with only 8 days into the sign up time frame .

    So if your going to be part of the Auto X  this year  SHOW ME THE MONEY. LOL

    R Barron

    Stephen Riley

    Count me in!

    Dave Hallgren

    Sent in Paypal payment for Me, Anders and Jon.
    We had a blast last year and looking forward to this one too!

    Martin Spellman

    Paid 🙂

    Joe Wall

    Another note that needs to be addressed…


    the February sign up period is for MEMBERS ONLY…no exceptions


    Starting March 1, we will open to non-members with Miatas, or non-members driving member Miatas.  We had several of those last year and there was no issue after the member sign up timeframe…the members that were sharing their cars got the non-members into the event on the first day that was an option


    Just a few numbers for reference…last year there were 31 members that signed up and paid during the members only period which was extended to the end of the 1st week in March…..when it was opened to non-members with Miatas, there were two spots taken right away for shared cars…which left 7 spots open to non-member Miatas…and those were taken in 2 days.  which is how we ended up with an all Miata event.

    Joe Wall

    That will work…thank you for the prompt attention to this…


    I am sure Bob appreciated it.

    Dean Perkins

    Very sorry Joe…

    Wasn’t ignoring the instructions. Because my PayPal is connected to my business, they didn’t give me a Friends and Family option on my “Send Money” tab… (didn’t know ahead as I’ve never tried Friends and Family option)

    So instead of doing it “by the book”, once I paid for myself and my son, I immediately went to look up the fees that I thought the club would incur and sent another PayPal payment to cover the fees. (You should see a $300 and then shortly there after $10 payment from me)

    That’s the best I could think of to do … If I owe more, it’s all good… let me know 🙂


    Joe Wall

    I cannot emphasize enough that payment for the autoX via Paypal is to be sent




    The instructions are clearly laid out in the original post..and the email that was sent to the full membership

    Joe Wall

    Paid… for myself and my son 


    Thank you for being on the ball with a fast payment…






    I have already received an email from our treasurer stating that your payment was NOT sent as FRIENDS/ the Club gets hit with the fee…and that is not what we want


    look for an email from Bob with further instructions

    Dean Perkins

    Paid… for myself and my son 🙂

    Angelo Brigante


Viewing 11 replies - 46 through 56 (of 56 total)
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