Hey everyone!

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    Hey everyone, it’s great to be a part of NMC! I found out about it when I ran into one of our members at Norwalk Sinclair station rocking an NA with a hardtop, snow tires and looking like it might possibly have been lifted a tad.

    I’ve been in the Miata game for about 4 years now, with all of them being NA6es. My first was a beautiful condition red 1990 I bought on impulse for a very good price while visiting a friend in Houston; I loved it, but made the mistake of letting someone from my church borrow it a month into owning it, and he wrecked it. Very, very painful lesson learned…

    Picked up my second Miata, also a 1990, from a elderly gentleman in Wilton who was the original owner, selling the car only because he was moving to Florida. It was rusty and burning oil, but I paid only $1600 for it. I did rebuild the motor and then some… it currently has Supertech 79mm 10.6:1 pistons, Manley H-beam rods, a Megasquirt ECU, Jackson Racing headers, a Racing Beat catback and bigger injectors than I’ll ever actually need. The airbox and wheels are currently borrowed, however, for my latest acquisition…

    My third Miata isn’t actually a “Miata” strictly speaking… but a 1992 Eunos Roadster imported from Japan to the US in 2017. I just bought it in December. Flew down to pick it up with my girlfriend at the end of March and came back with a JDM car and a fiancée. It’s a V-Special in British Racing Green, with the tan leather interior, full Nardi wood package, BBS wheels and metal sill plates.

    Some pictures of the Roadster:


    I have quite a bit of technical experience to bring to the club as I’ve wrenched on nearly every part of Miatas over the last 4 years, everything from motor rebuilds to soft top replacement.

    My other vehicles are a 2017 Ford Focus RS and 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. My fiancée drives a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3.

    Looking forward to making some friends, wrenching together and enjoying some cruises!

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    Hi Dan-

    I believe that was me you ran into at the Norwalk Sinclair. Glad you found the group, and decided to join up!
    Nice Eunos… It puts my car to shame.

    Hope to see you around town, or at upcoming NMC gatherings…(And congratulations on the engagement!)



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    Hey Dan

    Welcome aboard!! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing that Eunos!

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    Not sure how I missed this little intro post..


    THAT is a great looking Eunos V Special…I hope you join us for some club activity soon…would love to check this one out in person



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