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    Hello everybody. As the title suggest I’m going to be purchasing a Good-Win Racing RoadsterSport Race exhaust for my ND2. Does any one have any experience installing these? Seems pretty straight forward and not too difficult, but I just want to know what I’m getting into in general. I love the sound from this exhaust.

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    have you looked at the exhaust that Lance has available?…listed here on our forum

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    I just helped someone install one of these on a ND. This might be one of the easiest jobs to do next to changing the air filter. If you’re only swapping the muffler it’s only two 14mm bolts you need to zip off (I used an impact and there was no rust on the bolts so it was smooth) and then install the new muffler and bolt it back in place. It took longer to unbox the muffler and back the car up onto ramps than it did to do the swap.

    Now the most difficult part was positioning under the car while trying to slide the new exhaust into the rubber exhaust hangers. Also I cheated using Lisle 38350 exhaust clamp pliers that made separating the stock muffler hangers from the rubber a breeze. Way better than using a pry bar and trying to wiggle them off.

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    I just installed my GWR Race exhaust on my ND2 three days ago. Like others here and the internet said, its a fairly easy install. To make life much easier in removing the rubber hangers, I mixed a small soluton of water and dish soap and used a spray bottle to spray the hanger holes. After several good sprays I was able to pop each hanger in several good tugs. If its not coming out easy, then you can spray more and wiggle the hanger as you are tugging. I did not need to use any pliers or screw drivers.

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