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    I can’t believe it, but I survived a visit to the department of motor vehicles today and have registration to show for it. my car now where’s the classic vehicle plates of “00SLUY” which sounds rather unfortunate, but I’ll take what I can get from these guys. 🤣 of course, there’s a snow storm outside so I’ll have to wait to be able to take my first real drive in this thing until tomorrow… Which will be rather loud since the exhaust is sitting in the passenger seat. 😝😝 but I’m gonna do it!

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    Great news! I had mine out between storms and the itch is real!


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    I have had my 2013 on the road for the past 2 winters, does not do bad with a bit of slippery surface. Plan to keep it on the road all year now for a while. Oh, I have down-sized 16″ Michelin Ice-X tires for the winter, good summer tires to change over to.

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