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    For those folks with a NA/NB…this is a game changing setup now available for ordering…January delivery…from SuperMiata.  These have been in development for almost 4 years by SuperMiata…the folks that also do the Xida setup


    Tecna coilover 90-05 Miata MX5



    Tecna is go

    Now accepting pre-orders for the new Tecna coilovers.
    Introductory promo & new website. All items on Supermiata now receive 2% orange cash (store credit).

    Orders placed before Oct 14, 2022 – Double Orange Cash (4%) + 16x 949 Racing Forged Lugs or Supermiata Delrin Shift Knob of your choice

    Orders placed before Nov 14, 2022 – Double Orange Cash (4%)


    The low down
    The Tecna coilover was engineered from scratch to be the best riding coilover in this price range and still allow lowered ride heights. We think of these as daily driver shocks, not race shocks. If you are focused on the ultimate handling in a competition type environment, we recommend stepping up to Xidas with much higher spring rates. Tecna damping range is roughly equivalent to the softest 35% of Xida range. Perfect for a daily driver, canyons and some casual HPDE or auto-x. Tecna do not require service and are intended to last the life of your vehicle. Ideally suited to 185-205 width tires above 280 treadwear on 6-8″ wheels. For wider, softer compound tires, look at our Xida options.

    Why one piece body?
    Body, shaft lengths, stroke, mounts, and internal configuration are specifically engineered and maximized for this application. They are unlike 2 piece, length adjustable coilovers that use an existing universal short cartridge with an extension adapter to make it fit. The advantage of a one piece shock is full bump and droop travel without needing to choose one or the other. Additionally, a one piece shock is all shock, no hollow adapter that wastes space. That means more oil and nitrogen volume for better pressure balancing and increased shaft stroke. A telling feature is the helper springs (stroke!).
    outube video on 1 & 2 piece shocks
    CNC machined one piece steel bodies and 6061 T-6 aluminum end caps
    Monotube design
    Offset rear lower mounts
    44mm piston
    Adjustable ride height
    30 position adjustable damping
    Rubber dust boots
    High pressure nitrogen charged
    Euro spec synthetic fluid
    120mm long stroke front and rear
    6kg/4kg spring rates (336/224 in/lb)
    Recommended pinch weld height range 4.75- 6″ *
    Fully assembled with our NB upper mounts (Bolt-in for all 90-05 Miatas)
    Shipped pre-adjusted and ready to install
    Spanners included for adjusting ride height
    10 year limited warranty

    Set up:
    Typical available adjustment ranges are front pinch weld heights between 4.75″ and 6″ with driver. Tecna will give the best combination of handling and ride with stock or a small aftermarket front sway bar. 1″ max front, OEM rear. More sway bar than that will only reduce ride quality without any meaningful increase in grip or handling.

    Front fender liners:
    The standard front setup provides enough bump travel for a 205/50/15 tire on a +36 offset 15×8 to just barely kiss the fender liner at full bump. Wider tires or lower offset wheels will require removal of plastic inner fender liners in front. If running 245/40/15 tires or touching the front fender liners on big bumps, add our shock mount spacers or travel limiters to create enough space for your oversize tires.


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    Glad I did not order the CRDs yet, $200 or so more seems like a good deal.

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    These have been discussed on Mnet for quite some time….teaser comments from Emilio all summer


    The folks that pre-order very soon get a couple extras…if you are on the fence, it might be time to step off…january delivery

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    Dave Halgren ordered his for his 94 LB

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