For folks who may not have received the new LRP season announcement…

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    I received this email from Mike yesterday.  Some info on when the season will be starting, how to sign up for events, pricing and an AutoX club membership option now available as well….


    Ladies & Gentlemen, WE ARE ALMOST BACK.


    Calling all Autocross Participants,

    Let’s be honest… nobody actually enjoys the winter time, right? The weather is cold, the days are dark, and your car is stuck in the garage. You spend most of your time arguing with your friends about who will have the faster car this year, and embellish stories about your “perfect .18 second run that would have counted if there wasn’t cones in the way”. Well, while you were arguing with your buddies, Lime Rock Park was getting ready to settle the beef for you (on the track of course). On April 30th, Lime Rock Park will kick off its 2022 Autocross Summer Series, and there is a lot to be excited for. New sponsors, more dates, membership opportunities, and the return of our Weekday Lapping Days will have everyone wanting to come back for more. The 2022 season will host at least 20 Autocross programs over 7 months, with more programs to be added as the schedule allows.

    Our prices have changed heading into the 2022 season. Autocross Lapping Days (Weekend) will now be $325 to register. Autocross Lapping Weekdays (Weekdays) will now be $250. Advanced Driver Coaching days have increased to $550, and our Track Tapas Days will now be $195. In addition to the price changes, we have also switched registration platforms. We will now be using MotorsportsReg for all our retail driving programs, and will be moving off of the Track Rabbit platform. Participants will need to sign up through MSR for any of our driving programs moving forward. All gift certificates and AutoX Memberships will still transfer over to the new platform, so there is no issue for anyone who is holding onto credits still.

    Also for 2022, we will be rolling out our new autocross membership program to the general public. Known as The AutoX Club, this club is a yearlong membership that gives individuals a variety of added perks and benefits. The purchase of an AutoX Club membership includes some exciting benefits, such as admission to up to 3 weekend autocross programs, FREE weekday autocross programs, MEMBER-ONLY autocross days, special VIP parking area during our major spectator events (Trans Am, IMSA, Historic Festival), exclusive giveaways and promotions, and the Holy Grail of them all… “The Reset Button” perk, which allows a member to be re-timed if they were not satisfied with their original timed runs for that program. More information about The AutoX Club is available upon request. Please feel free to reach out to me for more information! Early Bird Specials, and Returning Member discounts are still available!

    Finally, we are excited to announce that Stephen Huntley has joined the Lime Rock Park team and will be managing all of our retail driving events moving forward. I will still be available for a majority of the season to assist, but I ask that you all show Stephen the same respect you have all shown me over my many years at Lime Rock Park. We will slowly be preparing Stephen to handle incoming inquiries, help with registration, managing the autocross programs, managing the AXiS Shootout, and being everyone’s go-to source for Autocross and Tapas Day knowledge.

    Our registration page will be going live on MONDAY, APRIL 4th. At this time, participants will be able to sign up for our 2022 events through MotorsportsReg. Please keep an eye out for an announcement.

    We are excited to start the 2022 season, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you again for fun filled year of driving. As always, gift certificates are also available for purchase. Call up the main office for more information.

    See you at the track!

    Mike Distefano
    Manager, Partnerships & Sponsorships
    860.435.5000×112 (Office)
    845.264.1569 (Mobile)
    497 Lime Rock Road Lakeville, CT 06039

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    Interesting developments…for the folks out there who really want to autoX up there.  Our one Club day is not affected by this…except for the cost increase this year.

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