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    John Brandt

    G’morning all;

    So….have totally stock 2007, just under 54k mi. (found/bought in NH w/48k, was garage queen in winter :)…)….Car needs NOTHING!!!! Looks Great!, Runs Great!! Handles Great!!

    So….why am I here?

    I’d like to upgrade the exhaust….for a slight bit of “growl”…”rumble”…..”Purr”? (In my younger years, I owned an Alfa Gulia Spider with Abarth Exhaust…..It was nice and……nice…..and caught the attention of local law enforcement a few times. NOT looking for “that” these days….need to salvage what’s left of hearing from 60-70’s rock days.)

    Any suggestions for something “easy install, swap out” etc….don’t want “A Project”…..BTW….It’s an Auto Trans. :).  Im old-er and although I was looking for either / or at the time, I’m kind of glad it’s an Auto. Just as much fun.

    Thanks, John

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    Joe Wall

    Unusual that FM does not have a muffler listed…


    alternate would be Goodwin racing…several different versions of the Roadster Sport line…you can go really crazy on their site with exhaust setups…everything from header and midpipe to muffler…hi=tech helmholts resonator pipes and mufflers…etc..

    And there is the Racing Beat option also

    John Brandt

    Actually….just looked on FM….and no muffler available for the NC shown …..just high flow cat and mid pipe. Maybe have to look at other years or I’ll just call them.

    John Brandt

    Thanks for the info Jim…..I’ll take another look at the FM website.



    Jim Merchant

    I started out with a 2006 Sport and put the Flyin Miata stainless muffler on, sounds great without really attracting attention. In 2017 I upgraded to a 2013 PRHT with Auto Trans and bought the same muffler from FM, again sounds just perfect for my 70+ year old ears. Super easy install, not likely to take more that 1/2 hour.


    John Brandt

    Thank you Joe….I’ll look into it.


    Joe Wall

    Check out the Racing Beat and Flyin Miata mufflers…that is an easy install behind the axle.  Quality parts that FIT and not obnoxious

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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