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    I want to clean the engine compartment on my 2013 PRHT. I’d like advice on what to cover to protect from the water spray and what product would you use to clean the grime etc. from the engine. Any other advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks … Jim Merchant

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    I was concentrating on NAs when I did my research on miata.net. Electrical is basically the main concern. I wrapped my alternator in Aluminum foil and tried not to spray directly at it. Plug wells are vulnerable, I tried not to get too much pressure near them, and still ended up having to blow them out with compressed air. I wrapped electrical connectors and fuse boxes with foil as well. I then wiped them down as I uncovered them. No problems there. I used all purpose degreaser and a round soft plastic brush, took my time, probably 2 hours work. But the results were very gratifying. Of course that was last year and it needs another good cleaning. I’m afraid that’s all I got. Good luck on your project.


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