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    Steve Crowson


    I attended the recent Tech-day event– Again THANK YOU

    I often can’t recall stuff that I am really interested in: I asked about Coil-overs chosen by club members and their preferences for spirited country road and track days. I was told that many use a certain brand and love them — I forgot the answer!.

    My 1996 Miata has 182,000 miles with koni shocks/springs since 2006; right rear shock clunks-pops, creaks? so it’s time to replace all 4. I have 205/50/15 and 200 tires. Otherwise stock components (except 6 speed trans and 3.63 diff!). My son Rob wants the Xida XL Coil-overs  550/350  But $2,500!! (ground clearance to seam all round is 5″ to 5.25″  but would not go below 4.5″ in any event.)

    I look forward to your suggestions and recommendations.

    Thanks, Steve Crowson, Hamden


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    Steve Crowson

    Thanks Michael for the info.

    So far I leaning toward these CRD’s.


    Michael Brockman

    I had the MeisterR CRDs on my NC and loved them. They are designed to use stock anti-sways, so you can save some cash (check to see if this is the same with NAs, I believe they are). Easy install.

    Joe Wall

    the mentioned MeisterR and FM VMAXX offerings come with top mounts…only regular type shocks (Koni) use stock top mounts ..NA or NB…and there are quirks to using the different types on different cars.  NA shocks with NB top mounts need special nuts to make work with stock springs.


    The high end Xida setup I mentioned also has another added cost…send in for rebuild every 5 years or 25k miles…at the present day cost of $900 per set. the good stuff is not cheap.  the low friction seals on the Xida does not last long

    Pete DelMastro

    Also recommend to add NB ‘top hats’ for a little increased shock travel – but remember to buy the NB shocks & springs then.

    Steve Crowson

    Thanks Joe!

    I will continue to read the for info but it is almost too much information; that’s why I sought club members’ preferences, experience, etc.

    I am thinking that using the MeisterR CRD for a year or so, would provide a good basis for whether or not to go for the Xida .  I have the winter to decide :>)

    Maybe, someone is doing that; I might source a used MeisterR!

    Thanks again.




    Joe Wall

    MeisterR CRD…about $1000


    Adjustable ride height and adjustable damping…budget friendly


    Flying Miata VMAXX Extreme…tracpak or sport…$1100


    The Xida might just be a little over the top unless you are going to track days minimum once a month or more


    Reading up in the suspension section of might give more insight…but…be brutally honest on your ACTUAL use, not your dreamer use if you post a question

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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