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    Joe Wall

    Here’s the deal.  The beer Crawl was originally scheduled for sunday aug 1…and a July 31 event was cancelled.  Some people signed up for both, some signed up for sunday aug 1.


    Well…Ed and Regina found out last thursday that one of the stops was already booked for a large event on sunday Aug 1…so they changed the Beer Crawl to Saturday July 31 and contacted everyone that had signed up as of thursday letting them know.  and the Event page was changed to July 31. So the correct date for the Beer Crawl is Saturday July stated on the event page.


    As for the additional person glitch, I will contact Rob and see what he can do to fix that.

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    Ed Ekmalian

    There has been a cancellation. Sign in now.

    Dan Champagne

    Count me in! 🙂

    Joe Wall

    The other thread on this snafu has a cancellation…so join in


    Bob Reiling tried to cancel, but was having trouble

    Dave Hallgren

    Cant make the whole drive, but can we meet you at the breweries? They are both local to us we’d like to try to make part of the event to catch up with the club.

    Dan Champagne

    Is this booked up? I was signed up for the other July 31st run and am just seeing this now. Thanks!

    Ed Ekmalian

    Witchdoctor Brewing and Kinsmen Brewing.

    Ed Ekmalian

    Rich Hill Ice Cream all made in house.

    Matt LeBlanc

    Any idea of what the ice cream stop is?  I have a co-pilot asking


    Karina Skrypnyk

    Where are the two stops for the July 31st crawl?

    Ed Ekmalian

    The second craft beer brewery has food mostly pizza , wraps and appetizers.

    Joe Wall

    No clue…hopefully Ed and Regina will post something about that

    Penny Daniels

    Thanks for clearing that up…..but I am still wondering about lunch..should we be bringing a picnic box or do the breweries or ice cream place serve food….this is usually stated in the run agenda……

Viewing 12 replies - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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