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    Joe Wall

    Here’s the deal.  The beer Crawl was originally scheduled for sunday aug 1…and a July 31 event was cancelled.  Some people signed up for both, some signed up for sunday aug 1.


    Well…Ed and Regina found out last thursday that one of the stops was already booked for a large event on sunday Aug 1…so they changed the Beer Crawl to Saturday July 31 and contacted everyone that had signed up as of thursday letting them know.  and the Event page was changed to July 31. So the correct date for the Beer Crawl is Saturday July stated on the event page.


    As for the additional person glitch, I will contact Rob and see what he can do to fix that.

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    Joe Wall

    I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday…one of the rare occasions I can just ride and enjoy…the two brew stops were good…the first one I had been to before, but the second one was a revelation.  that place was HUGE!! with good beer and good food, great service too!


    thank you Ed and Regina for laying this out


    now on to the Poker Run!!


    I sent info to Rob and Angela to post on the events page…so stay tuned

    Ed Ekmalian

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the ride.

    Levi Reyes

    Thanks to Ed and Regina for organizing the BEER Crawl.  It was a lot of fun.  Awesome route, great variety of BEER flavors, great food, and happy faces!

    It was nice to see some long time Nutmeg club members and some newbies like myself coming out of their comfort zones navigating the Connecticut finest back roads faster than I normally travel.  It is not Hooligan on the road.  It is a parade with a purpose and destination!

    Miata’s when properly maintained are so much capable on the narrow twists.  They are purposely built for fun!

    Thanks again to Ed, Regina for your efforts.  Likewise to Joe and Sargent Tower for keeping everyone together.  It was great seeing everyone once again!  Sorry to hear about your knee Lance.

    I am sure someone took pictures.  Please share them!

    Be well,


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    Lance Lazzara

    Yes sorry I’m out last minute  Knee won’t have me bending today without level 11 pain so it’s ice and a brace and taking it easy this weekend.


    Man What weather you guys are going to have!!!  ENJOY!

    Joe Wall

    Just got a message from Lance …he has to drop out last minute.  Tweaked his knee and is now wearing a brace.  So if anyone sees this and would like to join, ….

    Ed Ekmalian

    yes it is fully booked.  Rich Hill ice cream on Hill Street Bristol  between 4-5

    Ed Ekmalian

    No fully  booked

    Ed Ekmalian

    No fully booked.

    Lance Lazzara

    Craft brews, top down drive, and good people!  See you tomorrow!

    Jorge Ortiz

    We were on vacation out of the state.  Do you have any cancelation so we can join this activity July 31?


    Doug Fenichel

    Just wondering if anyone cancelled for tomorrow.  We are interested in joining the run.  If no openings, can we meet you for ice cream?  Which Rich Farms are you going to?  There are 3.  Also, do you know about what time you will be there for ice cream?


    Doug Fenichel

    Any chance we can join you for ice cream?  I see the run is fully booked.  Is it at Rich Farm’s?  Which location and what time?

    Karen Fenichel

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    Levi Reyes

    Great weather ahead!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone once again!

    Dave Hallgren

    Thanks Ed, planning to see you all there!

    Ed Ekmalian

    You can meet us at Witchdoctor Brewery at 12:00

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