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    Andrew Smith

    We (still) have a 1996 M Edition, now with 130,000 miles, and have rejoined the club after an absence of — oh — how many years?  Lots has changed on the site, it’s great.  Looking for advice about length of time between timing belt changes.  Glad to be back!  Drew and Kate Smith

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    Joe Wall

    Sorry that you missed yesterday.  There were a bunch of cars, and people, in attendance…like 17 or 18 cars.


    Before heading to Liberty…PLEASE reach out to either me or Dave…we would be more than happy to help out a fellow Clubmember in a difficult situation


    Please drop me, or Dave, a private message with a phone number that we can reach you at.  This is something that we have done many times on NA Miatas…



    Andrew Smith

    Dave,  Thank you for your welcome!  I had signed up for the tech day at your house today.  But I am not going to make it, I am sorry to say.  I had kidney surgery last week, and while I am feeling much better, I’m still in some discomfort and never can be sure when I will suddenly need a bathroom, and so I don’t think the wisest decision would be to have hopped into our Miata and set out for New Milford from Bloomfield.

    I will miss coming to the event.  Thank you for your advice concerning timing belt replacement.  Since our belt was last replaced eleven years ago (2009) I plan to call our local dealer (Liberty Mazda, Hartford) and schedule for it (and the water pump) to be replaced.  Although they push to have lots more work done that I think the car needs, whenever they’ve done work, it has been right the first time.

    Again, Thank you.

    Drew Smith

    Dave McCaughan

    Yes! welcome back to the fold! My take on the timing belt issue is this: How much do you value NOT getting stuck on the side of the road? I prefer not to, so I would do the job 9-11 years regardless of mileage. But if it breaks, you won’t need a new engine like so many modern cars, only a tow.

    I too look forward to seeing you folks at an event soon. Maybe even the tech day at my house on the 27th???


    Joe Wall

    Glad you are back again…looking forward to seeing you at one of the 3 upcoming activities on the schedule



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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