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    Good morning NMC Members,

    We are still looking to get a spring run setup and someone to take ownership of the run. With that said in the last monthly meeting I met a new member Tom who lives in the NW part of the state. Tom informed me that it just so happens that on April 19th, the slotted day for the run, the Warren Volunteer Fire Company has a pancake breakfast.

    What Tom and I discussed was the possibility of starting the run at the breakfast, it’s a cheap way to fill up and in the process help the local VFD (win/win in my opinion).

    What I am looking for is the following;

    • Someone to take this and run with it, if no one wants it I will take it.
    • Ideas for paths in the area, possibly popping into NY and then south but I’m open to suggestions.
    • General feedback on the idea so far.

    Thanks and have a good day!

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    I like the idea of starting at the VFD pancake breakfast…

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    Rob – Your idea sounds good and hopefully we can make it to this run.  It will be only 2 days away from our trip to Great Britain/Ireland so times will be busy.  I would otherwise help out in any way feasible.

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    I think starting at the pancake breakfast is a great idea!  I’m sorry we are going to miss it 🙁

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    I think I am the rookie that threw out the pancake Breakfast start in Warren. It runs from 7AM-11AM.

    the cost is $5.00 adult and $2.00 for kids. All you can eat plain or blueberry, OJ,sausage, coffee.  I will try to be at the March mtg. and hopefully have some ideas for where to head once departing the breakfast. They had one this past Sunday, I would suggest 10AM,

    Thanks, Tom Maguire


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