A BIG THANK YOU for the Birthday Drive-by today!

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    I wanted to express our gratitude for the show of support for our son’s 18th birthday today. We had about 21 Miatas (including a Eunos) parade down our street beeping, waving signs, and/or decorated. It was AWESOME! Gianluca was beyond surprised and touched by what was done as were the rest of us.

    It really meant a lot to us and I just wanted to say thank you 😀

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    You beat me to posting something here on our Club Forum…


    This is what I posted on Miata.net this morning…


    Our Club Secretary put the word out to all of our Clubmembers early last week…her son’s 18th birthday was yesterday…senior in HS..no prom..no graduation..no license!!..all the DMV offices closed so no testing…bummer for him…sssooooo20 Miatas showed up for a little birthday cheer and driveby along with some other family friends…here is the link…


    there are a bunch of pics and 2 videos of the parade and a thank you video at the end. Take notice of some of the Miatas…a Eunos RHD…my 30 AE (driven by club VP)..a track oriented NC..my NB of many colors…and a 5.0 conversion!!

    We do what we can in these difficult times…thank you to all the Clubmembers and family friends that turned out for a GORGEOUS day and drive…this was not just about the birthday drive by…it was also about getting out for an enjoyable top down ride…one NC drove 2 1/2 hrs from MA to do the driveby…


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    the link I posted most likely will not work…I am pasting in the link here but it seems that something is not playing nice with our webpage…so try this link to the Miata.net post





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    Thank you all for coming out end definitely enjoying the weather. Gianluca was absolutely in shock for the outpouring of birthday wishes. If anyone that was there has any pictures or video that he/ she took, can you please forward it to me to add to his album. It would be greatly appreciated.


    … Angela

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