2017 ND2 / ND1 club w/ Brembo BBS 6sp M/T

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    Never leaving the Nutmeg group for starters!


    My soul red ’17 ND Club with Brembo / BBS wheel package.  Has a ND2 (181hp  7500 rpm redline stock) ’19 engine and trans.

    Hands down the best start off for Performance tuning any ND chassis. ND1 car and fueling and electronics, and ND2 engine. Trans was swapped in too at same time whole assembly low miles, why not.

    ND2 powertrain swapped. (Engine and trans from a ’19 with 11k miles when I got it, maybe 20K miles on the Setup ATM).

    Tuned and running on Ecutek and can be boosted and Tuned by Mike @ XeroLimit who is the king of the EbSc Tuned ND1’s worldwide. Ask member ” MMRS ” on the forum miata.net in Germany /Poland. Have the highest HP Edelbrock Supercharged ND1’s with Cams and ND2 engines.

    I had planned on going Forced Induction, but I have switched gears and I’m onto another project.


    Chassis has 76-78k miles.
    Android auto / Carplay factory add on.
    Goodwin Racing standard length header,
    Goodwin Racing Max-Torque Mid pipe
    Goodwin Racing SVHQ header version muffler.
    Progress auto Front and rear Sway bars
    Progresa Auto Performance springs on the factory Bilsteins Struts.
    aFeTAKEDA cold air intake box.
    Ecutek Bluetooth obd dongle and ID Key Fob USB dongle
    The entire front nose was PPF’d but it is showing signs of wear finally but it still did it’s job in protecting the flying debris that has bounced on the hood and front bumper. Some dings too.

    Modiction shift knob .Heavy weighted it’s nice.
    Never been hit, no accidents all original paint.
    Has 15mm wheel spacers all around.
    Stock fitment Potenza Sports with little tread left.

    Asking $22.5k


    More pics on my Cargurus ad.







    • Topics- 6
    • Replies- 139
    • Total- 145
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    Price Drop also $21,999


    I would like to mention, That if there is a Club memeber that had serious interest in the car we can discuss Price down of course.


    And As for Trades, I am considering an NA but really looking for a 94M / 95M, Plus Cash on top from the buyer of course.



    • Topics- 6
    • Replies- 139
    • Total- 145
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    $20,999 price drop

    I’ve updated my ads everywhere accordingly.

    Again for a member with interest, we can discuss price further!!!

    or a trade + cash from buyer, preferably NA 94-95.





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