1994 Sputtering, bucking, stalling

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    Hi folks!

    Purchased a 1994 standard, Miata. Have issue with after driving it awhile, it sometimes has a tendency to start bucking, sputtering, and if I try to push it over 25-30 mph, it will stall and wont start back up until after a couple of hours of sitting. The codes have been chased (with a handy paperclip!) and the cam angle sensor replaced, coil pac replaced, then the alternator and battery, then the fuel pump. We thought the problem was solved until the other day when it started to act up again. pulling over and turning off the car doesnt help, turning off the car pushing down on wiring of coil pac doesnt help, loosening the gas cap does nothing, but, twice now when it has happend, I have put a few gallons of gas in, and the problem immediately goes away! This happens even when the gas tank is almost full.


    Any thoughts?

    Anybody I should check with? (Master mechanic Joe Wall is puzzled also).


    Thanks for your help!


    Robin Denny and her “Ugly Duckling” ’94

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