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    Joe Wall
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    Yes…it has been 15 years since I started doing these little rides.  First time out it rained (at the start)

    Over the years this ride has been one of the more popular events because it is self paced.  (more on that later)

    I have tried to spread these rides out in different parts of the state every year, moving back and forth from West of I91 to East of I91.  This year will be on the west side. Every year the route is different. Some roads may look familiar, but I will string them together in a hopefully entertaining way so that everyone has fun.

    Along the way you will be asked questions…anything you can see from the car is fair game for a question from the time you are handed your route instructions to get going. Some questions will be in the form of a riddle…some will be straightforward on what you are looking at. Cemetaries are always in play! Old TV trivia is in play also. Arnold the pig has made an appearance 3 times in questions over the years, in 3 different parts of the state!


    AS stated on the signup page…if you sign up…SHOW UP!! If you do not, it throws off the card count, and there are only enough cards for the number of cars participating. After everyone gets going, I usually have one person that lags behind to act as a sweep car.  That is about 20-30 minutes after the last car leaves.  So…keep that in mind if you get off course and get to a spot that is supposed to have a card and the sign is gone.


    Last year there were 35 cars that came out…lets see if we can match, or beat that number and make the 15th Annual Poker run something to remember!!


    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?…that remains to be seen!


    Thank you


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    Lance Lazzara
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    Sounds like fun as usual!


    I’m in

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