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Dave, ¬†Thank you for your welcome! ¬†I had signed up for the tech day at your house today. ¬†But I am not going to make it, I am sorry to say. ¬†I had kidney surgery last week, and while I am feeling much better, I’m still in some discomfort and never can be sure when I will suddenly need a bathroom, and so I don’t think the wisest decision would be to have hopped into our Miata and set out for New Milford from Bloomfield.

I will miss coming to the event. ¬†Thank you for your advice concerning timing belt replacement. ¬†Since our belt was last replaced eleven years ago (2009) I plan to call our local dealer (Liberty Mazda, Hartford) and schedule for it (and the water pump) to be replaced. ¬†Although they push to have lots more work done that I think the car needs, whenever they’ve done work, it has been right the first time.

Again, Thank you.

Drew Smith