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The Benton Perspective, Lucky 13 Poker Run

Some people say #13 is unlucky, and some say it is lucky. Your glass is half full or it’s half empty, right? It’s a matter of perspective. Joe Wall has been a steady producer of Poker Runs. This is Joe’s specialty. His other is running the NMC (Nutmeg Miata Club, for you newbies). Enough about Joe. The 13th Annual Poker Run had bright skies and warm temps forecasted for days ahead, so of course the day started cloudy and cool and it rained and spritzed for the entire time we rode the roads. That is not actually a complaint. He gave us smooth highways to run followed by roads that tested every nut and bolt in our little sports cars. He ran us in circles so that some of us we saw a’comin’ while we zipped past them a’goin’. At one point Joe parked his new orange Miata, to greet us, no doubt, and we got to see him four times smiling and waving (and he ain’t that pretty). If I had to go around one more time I’d of felt like Charlie on the MTA. Due to certain interpretations of the six pages of notes he handed to the co-pilots, our 95 mile ride became…well…longer for some. But the ups and downs of hills and the curves that wouldn’t stop tested us as well, and we all came out just fine. We celebrated in the reconstituted Painted Pony Restaurant in Bethlehem, Oh Little Town Of, with good food and loud conversation. A good, good day…really! Thanks, Joe.