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Drove 90 minutes to come and watch and they wouldn’t let me in since I wasn’t racing but merely come to spectate – nit allowed due to CoVid.  (I was going with what was in the announcement below):

SPECTATORS WELCOME TO ATTEND…there is no cost to come and watch….you might even score a ride with one of the entrants or an instructor to get an idea of what this is all about.  If a spectator would care to join in the lunch, we will ask for a donation to cover the cost of lunch…TBD as the event time approaches…in cash at the time of the event.

I said I was a member of the Club, but the woman at the gate was rather brusque in denying me entry.   There were people being admitted (it was 12:30) – I hope they were racers with late start times for their events.

So….I had a nice ride but it would have been great to have seen what AutoX is about.