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Ok folks…I am sure that there are a bunch of people hanging on this event…so here is the list of PAID MEMBERS…that have signed up and paid the entry fee for the autoX


not many spots remain…and members have exclusive right to sign up until Feb 29…which is this coming saturday


Bob has already taken $$$ from two non members, but their names have not been posted to this list…those entries were sent in along with a member payment…not our usual method, but easier to keep the payment instead of refund then pay again…so here is the list


Angelo Brigante
Charles Vick
Dave McCaughan
Dean Perkins
Robin Denny
Stephen Riley
Jacob Acampora
Charles Carleton
Ray Fike Jr.
Phillip Rosselli
Chris Stephenson
Randall Stuart
Lowis Westfall Jr
Martin Spellman
Roger Marks
Gerard Downs
David Hallgren
Jonathan Hallgren
Anders Hallgren
William Moffitt
Peter Amato
George Bevilacqua
Rob LeClerc
Thomas Selnau
Richard Williams
Thomas Maguier
Rita Chamberlain