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Another note that needs to be addressed…


the February sign up period is for MEMBERS ONLY…no exceptions


Starting March 1, we will open to non-members with Miatas, or non-members driving member Miatas.  We had several of those last year and there was no issue after the member sign up timeframe…the members that were sharing their cars got the non-members into the event on the first day that was an option


Just a few numbers for reference…last year there were 31 members that signed up and paid during the members only period which was extended to the end of the 1st week in March…..when it was opened to non-members with Miatas, there were two spots taken right away for shared cars…which left 7 spots open to non-member Miatas…and those were taken in 2 days.  which is how we ended up with an all Miata event.