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Another list update…

Dave Little

·         Ed Ekmalian

·         Dan Riccio

·         Marcel St Germain

·         Bill Arcari

·         William Moffitt

·         Mike Zilinek

·         Peter Amato

·         Phil Goldberg

·         Jim Merchant

·         Cheryl Frawley

·         Chris Wolfe

·         Michael Cristina

·         Penny Daniels

·         Randall Stuart

·         Philip Rosselli

·         Amanda Starbala

·         Fred Wright

Justin Daniels

Dave and Jake Acampora

Stephen Riley

Gary Lohr
Rich Lenihan


Just a little note to all that are signed up…I ran the route for the 6th time late Friday afternoon…at MY pace, and I KNEW where I was going…and it still took me 3 hours.  Now understand also…I was by myself, verifying the route instructions, checking the questions, writing down the answers so I have all the CORRECT answers…and I was still going at a pretty quick pace…your results will vary..widely