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Well..peter has posted a really good summary on the actual event signup page with ALL the information anyone needs about this year’s Poker run


There is a reason I pre-run this thing several times…and in order to keep true to my work of NO DIRT ROADS…this also goes for fresh CHIP SEAL WITH LOOSE GRAVEL!!…yyeecchhh!!


So today I am hitting the road..again…to revamp the first section of the ride that I lost because of this on two roads that I had planned on using…one road twice, and one intersection twice…there is a huge hint there…just because you see another Miata coming at you from another direction does not mean that either one is wrong…it WILL happen…and I am really bummed about having to re-do the beginning, I lost some really nice twisties. I also discovered that I was a little short on projected mileage…so I will be adding, and I know just where I can do that…


Long range weather forecast is looking good for next weekend too…so no excuse for not coming out to play!!