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All over including the shouting. Dan and Sandy ran a fine Hudson Run. We had many miles of good road (I speak of Miata roads, the wavy, curvy up and down kind that makes the heart beat faster), many of miles not so good and one notable dirt road, but they all got to where we were going. Seems NY needs to get into road repair just like CT. We had great views as advertised, one huge bridge (always spectacular; and magical, too – do we just drive over them and think nothing of the engineering that went into that monolith, I ask) over the Hudson River and not two but three wineries on the other side. Why not? We had time. Our cars all ran without a hitch and everybody paid attention. Dan paced the group well. The predicted bad weather held off until we had ensconced ourselves happily in our hosts house and didn’t care if it rained or not. And did I mention, the food was delicious.