Applause to Dave and Cindy Little

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The Benton Perspective: Applause to Dave and Cindy Little on their first organized Run, also our first Run of the 2019 NMC season. We drove sixty miles to the start point and sixty back home, adding seventy-two miles of pure excitement within our group of about twenty cars.  The trip to southern Connecticut was well worth it.  We held an excellent pace for many miles over purely Miata terrain, proving out (as always) the exceptional handling of our little cars, and especially how our Miata MX-5 wheels seemed so magically glued to the pavement as we rounded corners. We were guided through much beauty, past little towns with big, impressive homes. We enjoyed the great stone architecture placed amongst well-treed forests by Nature’s hand along our way. We made our mid-Run pit stop at Gillette’s Castle, always a treat, and finally pulled into the Fish Tale Restaurant in Madison on the CT shore to end the Run. Holly and I hope this will be only the first of many organized Runs they will plan and conduct in the future. They definitely have a knack for it.