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A little info for anyone joining us on the Spring Run.

The start point should be easy to find, but here is another helpful address.  If you are using Google Maps you can search for…

Park and Ride.                                                        Hoop Pole Hill Rd.  Chester, CT

The Park and Ride is not really near anything, there are no bathrooms or gas stations close, so it would be a good idea to take care of things beforehand.

Some of the roads on the ride are pretty narrow and twisty (fun) but all this rain has been washing some sand over in a few places, and creating some potholes, I will try to keep everyone aware of any hazards.

The restaurant for lunch (The Fish Tale) does not serve alcohol, however you are welcome to byob if you want, and you can drink in the outside seating areas.  Hopefully it will be nice 🙂

The run is not too long, just under 75 miles, so if anyone wants to take a short drive to Hammonasset Beach after lunch we can do that, or we can take a short drive along the shore somewhere.   Just let me know and I’ll figure something out  🙂

see you on Saturday at 10:00.