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This is still in the organizing and planning stage…but…


For those interested…Club friend Quinn Kizis…just let me know he wants 3 spots.  that being said…in all likelyhood there will be video cameras at work so he can get content for his Slip Angle youtube channel…




some more tidbits pulled from the thread about last year


Start time for this event is 10am. We are working on a cash on site sliding scale for price via realistic rsvp. 10 or les cars at $75, 11-15 cars $70 16-20 $65. This is for 3 pulls plus print out.

If we get 20 cars we will do $60 per car

Invite your friends also. As long as it is a 2 whee drive vehicle and please no diesels


Most likely we will do the pizza thing afterward…like last year.