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Hi Alex, Welcome to Nutmeg!

I too always had wanted a Miata, and back in 2011 I finally made the plunge. Went out to purchase a new 2011 NC RHT, and ended up getting a barely used 2008 Grand Touring NC soft top.

While I was finishing the paper work, and signing my name at the dealership. The salesman handed me a card with the Nutmeg Miata Logo, and contact number. He said this is a group of other Miata owners that get together for rides, tech days, track days, and over night stays to mention a few. It took me a few weeks to give the club a call.

Calling was the best thing I ever did, I was not only a new Miata owner? I now had a slew of new friends that also had the love of  a Miata. The Nutmeg Miata Club is a great nucleus,  and reaches far out from it’s center here in Connecticut,Throughout our Nation to World Wide.

Welcome Again Alex, you have made the first step. You joined the club, now enjoy the ride!