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Had an interesting conversation with Walter Irvine about this event…he is the driving force behind getting this event up and running.

the idea is to make this an ANNUAL gathering of the clan…which is a great idea!

Big main track events will be three actual race groups…and a HPDE group.  the MiataCross on Friday will be MIATAS ONLY…run like their own lapping days that they do all year long.  Two 4 hour sessions…limited number of cars…about 20 as far as i know…that info will come in tomorrows conversation. Walt seems to think that these sessions will fill up quickly. I know at least one clubmember has signed up already!!

the other component not part of the Friday/Saturday activities is a Sunday car show for Miatas only…in a separate area from the FCP Euro car show that is happening in the A paddock like last year’s Trunk or Treat gathering…this is an idea that is still percolating…not fully brewed yet.


As more information becomes available, i will share it.  Walt and I are supposed to talk again tomorrow.

there is an event page being added for Clubmembers to sign up so we have an idea on how many folks are interested. A really good showing for this will go a long way towards making this an annual thing.


and here’s an interesting tidbit…the year end shootout is also running on the Proving Grounds on saturday.  there is usually a few miatas in that also.  Lots going on all around the place all weekend!!