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Well…thgat a pretty glowing review for updating a nearly 30 year old suspension


there are a few others in the club that i have installed the Sportives on , and they seem to be universally liked.  At the price point, entry level adjustable ride height only, these pieces are hard to beat.

sure, they are not OE…but as time marches on, technology gets better, and these are definitely a step up from standard replacement shocks/springs.  One bonus of these particular units is that they do increase the rear travel, making you less likely to crash down on the bump stops.


If anyone on a NA/NB all original suspension, its well past time to make an upgrade.


there are other options out there, but a little further up the food chain comes with increased cost.

Being realistic with your goals and driving style definitely helps with making a choice.  A more aggressive/enthusiastic driving style will be well served with the MeisterR ZetaCRD (several sets of these in the Club) or the new to the market Tecna from 949 (two sets of those in the Club)


Feel free to reach out with any questions…or if you are one of those with the Sportives,(Chris, Paul, Drew,MikeZ) post your impressions.