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I can confirm that the crank pulley bolt on the ND2 is a huge PITA to remove..

Things that didn’t work:

  • Getting a compact air impact driver and squeezing it in the tight space between the front of the pulley and the frame of the car.
  • Bracing a breaker bar against the frame of the car and bumping the starter
  • blow torch + both above methods
  • purchasing a larger, 27 gal 5cfm air compressor (didnt work, broke the impact driver)
  • screaming at it with rage and frustration

What finally did work:

  • Remove the steering motor which is in the way of approaching the pulley from underneath the car, and shifting the rest of the assembly out of the way.  Blow torch + my bigger battery powered impact which I was able to fit finally did it.

I have no idea why they felt the need to get that bolt on so tight… good lord..