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Now that the initial frenzy has died down…and Bob is able to take a breath…here is the latest list


As of 6pm on sunday there are three spots remaining for Clubmembers.


Dave McGaughan
Kalob Gordon
Dave Gridly
Daniel Glass
Lance Lazzara
Kenneth Chambers
Robert Meany
Robert Lang
John Healey
Thomas Jones
Dave Hallgren
John Hallgren
Anders Hallgren
Michael Lamb
William Hazeltine
Ronald Stuart
Gerard Downes
Karina Shrypnyk
Even Beaman
Jason Miller
Scott Sailer
Chris Stephenson
Angelo Brigante
TJ White
George Bevilacqua
John Stockwell
Michael Samuelson
Matt Leblanc
Peter DelMastro
James Davidson
Richard Williams
Riobin Denny
Lee Meltzer
Paulo DeCarvalho
Marcos Medeiros
Carl Pedersen
Emilio Toussaint