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Well…this is definitely a driver oriented ride.  a ‘greatest hits’ of some of the best roads we have used in the past…with some new ones thrown into the mix.  Ran the route today to get a true idea of the mileage…143 miles. about 20 miles longer than last year.

Just an additional heads up…it took me 4 1/2 hours…and i knew where i was going!!.  finalized the last portion, which i got a pretty good giggle with.


there are THREE places where you could potentially see Miatas coming the other way…and you are both correct

the first designated rest stop / break is 39 miles in…and it took me just over an hour…so say 36mph average

You want to test your driving skills?…this will do it.  some places are very technical at the posted speed limit…but what fun is that?…other spots are numbered roads where you can let your car breathe and stretch its legs.  I hope you all have fun


Stay tuned for further updates…i will be running this route at least three more times this week


If someone that is NOT signed up for next sunday wants to join me one of those times…drop me a line.  If you are signed up…fergeddaboutit!!