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I have been lucky to store mine at home  but when I do this I put it on a trickle charger and wrap a pesticator around it…..keeps mice out of the air filter..those two things may be difficult to do in a public storage unit with no access to electricity….one thing I always did was suspend the liability and just keep comp……I have been doing that for 15 years…However, now the state of Ct DMV has changed its rules about this just this past summer…..Luckily for me I had an agent who informed me about this….one of her other clients was not so lucky…….what happens now is when the liability is suspended on any registered vehicle the insurance company must inform the DMV…..this now generates an appx $200 fine which must be paid before you can insure again…..apparently there is no suspension of registration for vehicles in storage anymore…..there is info on this on the DMV website.   I now insure as a classic with Hagerty for a stated amount and am able to insure year round including liability for a fraction of what the regular insurer was charging……that works for me because I dont drive it that much…..