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Probably a little late for this, but I used to store my BRZ in a storage unit over winter. I used Bethel self storage as they were a little cheaper than Danbury.

I used a 10×15 unit but also expect them to be slightly smaller than size stated. Probably not an issue with Miatas as they’re not quite as long, just don’t expect too much extra space.

I would definitely cover the car while in public storage. The doors aren’t quite weather sealed and let in a lot of dust when it gets windy. Normally I’d say no cover but maybe the door on my unit sucked as there was a thick layer after just a few months. I also remove the battery and take it home to keep on trickle charger, as well as throw a bit of fuel stabilizer in the gas. Avoid starting it over winter as it just adds condensation inside the exhaust. Throw a bit of extra air in the tires, as long as they’re not leaking they should be fine.

Oh, and another thing not commonly looked at but can sometimes happen with weird storage places in this area is definitely scope it out first to see if the units have car friendly entry. Don’t know why but some of them have giant 6+ inch curbs outside the 10ft units.