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Thank you Dave and your family for opening your beautiful house and making the tech day a great turnout!  We could not ask for a beautiful top down weather.  The Hawaiian food theme was top chef quality.  I just need to know which restaurant you bought the white rice and the smoked pulled pork.  LOL (joke)

Thank you also to Joe our fearless leader for talking Dave into clearing his garage and making this a reality.   I remembered back in May after the car show that led to this event.  Joe said, “if you cleared your garage, we can have a tech day here”.   4 months later and here we are.

Likewise to my fellow club members for helping me diagnose my 2018 ND retractable hardtop circuit/motor.  Thank you!

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed socializing with the rest of the club members, too many to mention your names.

Hope to see everyone at the Christmas Holiday Party.  Hint:  I heard Joe is going to raffle one of his old Miata’s.