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One change to the list already, and a request:

If you choose to sell your spot to someone else, PLEASE, let me know so that I can update the list. I would like to have an accurate alphabetized list for the day of the event. Thank you.

Christopher Baylis

George Bevilacqua

John Brandt

Angelo Brigante

James Carbone

Charles Carleton

Lawralee Chadbourne

Rita Chamberlain

Scott Chamberlain

Michael Chervenak

William (Bill) Comey

Graham Cotner

Keith Daigle

Pete DelMastro

Robin Denny

Gerard Downes

Rich Gedney

Dave Halgren

Ders Halgren

Johnathan Halgren

Michael Lamb

Lance Lazzara

Matt LeBlanc

Rob LeClerc

Thomas Maguire

Roger Marks

Dave McCaughan

Lee Meltzer

Bob Reiling

Levi Reyes

Stephen Riley Jr.

Mike Ryan

Mike Samuelman

Brian Shaw

Chris Stephenson

Rondall Stuart

Sargent Tower

TJ White

Richard Williams

Mike Zilinek