Monthly meeting minutes-Tuesday March 19, 2019

The meeting was at Crabby Al’s Restaurant in Thomaston, CT
Meeting called to order at 7:18 p.m. By Joe Wall, President

Attending Officers:

Joe Wall, President; Dave McCaughan, Vice President; Bob Barron, Treasurer; Jim Merchant,
Membership; Peter Amato, Webmaster

Members: 28

Joe Wall – Joe welcomed one new member, Jake Acampora. The Autocross is fully subscribed
with ALL MIATAS, mostly Club members. Our next meeting will be on April 9th with location to
be determined, as always 6pm dinner followed by a 7pm meeting.

Bob Barron – The current balance is at $20,046.67 with money coming if from annual dues
and Autocross. Expenses were $2718.38. April is membership renewal time, Get your dues in!
Upcoming Events
4/9 (Tues) Monthly Meeting 7:00 p.m. (6pm to eat, 7pm Meeting)
4/13 (Sat) Mass Miata Tech Day Clinton, MA (normally 8 to 5pm, no major jobs, signups
required or just stop by)
4/27 (Sat) SPRING RUN – There are notes from many rides, we just need someone to
pull it together. Any Volunteers to get this run going? / Jordan mentioned possible for
the Amenia, NY area.
5/4 (Sat) Dyno Day, 3 pulls for $75, graph of results, at Eric V’s place of business.
5/11 (Sat) 10am Tech Session + Monthly Meeting – Scott & Rita’s in New Milford.
5/15 (Wed) 1st of five Ice Cream Socials, 7pm (watch for details) – Angela & Rob.
7/13 (Sat) Autocross at Lime Rock Park, free to spectators, $8 for lunch (included for
Peter Amato – The new website has been rolled out. Fifty members have already been on the
site There is new functionality – a dashboard page for each member. It’s more of a social
network. We need some volunteers to add information of the History of the Miata Club. Your
user name is simply “Firstname Lastname”. When you create a password, it must be 12
characters with mixed numbers / letters – caps, lowercase / symbols. Password must be
STRONG! Nutmegmiata.org is the new web address (not nutmegmiatainc.org). There are
links at the old website so that you can retrieve info if needed using a copy & paste to enter
on the new website. Eventually it will be gone.

Disclaimer – All meetings and dates are subject to changes, best way to stay updated is to
check the website. All events will be detailed with times and places as the year progresses.

Scott moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:56, Dan Riccio seconded and all were in favor.
Minutes taken by Jim Merchant in my absence, thank you Jim!
Respectfully submitted by,
Angela LeClerc, Secretary