Monthly Meeting Minutes 4/9/2019

Tuesday April 9, 2019 – Monthly meeting minutes

The meeting was at Crabby Al’s Restaurant in Thomaston, CT

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m. By Joe Wall, President

Attending Officers:

Joe Wall, President; Dave McCaughan, Vice President; Bob Barron, Treasurer; Angela LeClerc, Secretary; Jim Merchant, Membership; Robert LeClerc, Events; Peter Amato, Webmaster

Members: 27

Joe Wall – Welcome back to Chris Meyer. May Tech day @ Scott & Rita’s on May 11thalong with a monthly meeting. Meeting will take place at approximately 1PM. Please bring items for a food pantry collection.

Bob Barron – The current balance is at $20,615.50

Jim Merchant– 51 members are paid up this year. 5 are pending online applications. Reminder will be sent out to pay dues.

Upcoming Events –

4/13 (Sat) Mass Miata Tech Day Clinton, MA (normally 8 to 1pm, no major jobs, signups required or just stop by)

5/4 (Sat) Dyno Day, East Side Transportation in Wallingford – open to outside the club – the price goes down with the more cars we have attending.

5/11 (Sat) 10am Tech Session + Monthly Meeting – Scott & Rita’s in New Milford.

5/15 (Wed) 1st of five Ice Cream Socials, 7pm at Popey’s in Morris, CT – Angela & Rob.

Peter Amato – any questions use the contact form on the dashboard. A lot of people are using websites. Opportunity to edit your profile on the dashboard page. Each person that is running an event can set up their own event details. Possibly add a comment section in the events portion of the website. We are switching over completely on APRIL 14th. Pull out anything you may need / want fro the old forum / site.


Disclaimer – All meetings and dates are subject to changes, best way to stay updated is to check the website. All events will be detailed with times and places as the year progresses.

Scott moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 PM, Marcel seconded and all were in favor.


Respectfully submitted by,

Angela LeClerc, Secretary