26 NMC members were part of the over 200 Miatas that participated in LRP’s First MiataCon on 11/28/23

And one of the weekend highlights
was our club’s Auto-Cross pro

Robert Meaney
Taking 1st Place
In Friday’s Auto-Cross

Some of our members comments and pictures of the two day event are posted below … But first watch this 4 minute video:
Once again Keith and Joan Alfier have put together a presentation that really captures the fun and excitement we all experienced!

Selected Comments From Forum Posts:

What a wonderful video, pix and just a great day in general……these so-called “parade” laps were really anything but……not what we were used to from days of yore….this really gave you the feeling of a race track especially for those of us who  have never personally driven behind the wheel in an actual race…..a really fun and good time was had by all and something I believe LimeRock will continue……. – Penny Daniels

Not sure about anyone else…but I had an absolute BLAST this weekend…close to 200 Miatas in the corrals on saturday…lots of Miatas on the autoX course on Friday…Bob Meany in the shootout on Saturday…a bunch of folks venturing to the campground to spectate saturday afternoon,and socialize…SPECTACULAR weather…if you were not there, you missed out on a great all Miata experience

I have no doubt that this event will happen again next year.  I have already swapped messages with one of the LRP VP…Walt Irvine

He stopped in our campsite a couple times over the weekend…Brought two Mazda Corporate guys…and caught me while he was test driving an ND on Friday morning…he just commented that he just might need a NMC application…lol!! –Joe Wall

Good seeing everyone at the inaugural MiataCon.  Hoping that it gets more traction if they decide to do this again next year.It was really a fun event.  Could not ask for a better weather.Also works if you have a friend with a camera take pictures of your car!- Levi Reyes

What a perfect day on Saturday for MiataCon!! We had such a wonderful time seeing all the Miatas and speaking with so many  owners.-Keith and Joan Alfier